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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reservation Fees Refundable?

Reservation  fee is NON-Refundable and NON-transferable.

When does my monthly amortization start?

Monthly amortization will start 30 days from the day of reservation and must be covered by Post-Dated Checks.

What are the payment options?

Option 1 – Spot Cash Discount 10%

Option 2 – 50% Spot Down (Less 5%) – Balance 50% Zero Interest for 24 months

Option 3 – 30% Spot Down (Less 5%) – Balance 70% Zero Interest for 12 months

Option 4 – 30% Spot Down (Less 5%) – Balance 70% @ 12% p.a. In-House

Option 5 – Zero Down – Zero Interest – 12 equal monthly Installments

Option 6 – 20% Spot Down (Less 5%) or 12 months Zero Interest – Balance 80% Bank Financing

What are not included in the pricelist?

Pricelist does NOT include move-in charges, applicable utility connections and other related charges including, but not limited to electrical, water and telephone/internet connections and associations dues, taxes and fees related to this transaction.

What are the requirements in reserving a unit at dream residences
What are the requirements in buying a unit in dream residences?
What about the parking area?

Parking is free and on first come, first serve basis

When can i move in?
Can a foreign citizen buy a condominium unit in dream residences?

Absolutely yes!

What are the requirements for foreign buyers?

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